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AddFlow for .NET V2.1


3.2 MB




499 USD


Programming & Software Development / Basic & VB & VB DotNet

Operating System

Win95,Win98,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP


Lassalle Technologies


AddFlow for .NET V2.1 Review

AddFlow for .NET is a .NET Windows Forms Custom control. It provides approximately the same flowcharting/diagramming features as the ActiveX version but also some new features (class derivation, OwnerDraw property, Anti-Aliasing, custom shapes, property bag), more flexibility and a simpler and more powerful object model. It has been completely rewritten in C# to take advantage of the infrastructure
provided by .NET. It is 100% Managed Code. AddFlow for .NET offers the following advantages: A small deployment assembly, suitable for use on the Internet. The size of the Lassalle.Flow.dll file is just 324 Kb. A light programming interface: we have always preferred the quality to the quantity and we refuse to provide an inflation of classes and properties. A full integration with the .NET environment. A great flexibility (class derivation, OwnerDraw, Tag properties, custom shapes). Runtime royalty free. General Features: Drawings can be made interactively or programmatically. Distinct shapes, styles, colors, font can be defined on a per item basis (for a node or a link) or as default properties for the control. Support of several collections allowing you to traverse the graph in many ways. Many properties allowing to customize the control (CanDrawNode, CanMoveNode, CanMultiLink, etc...) or an item (XSizeable, YSizeable, XMoveable, YMoveable, Selectable, Stretchable, etc...). Features include also SVG Exportation, metafile exportation, printing, print previewing, XML support, link autorouting, undo/redo. The new V2, created with Visual Studio 2005, introduces new features such as a parent-child relationship that provides a new way to group nodes, assign labels or dock nodes inside, the support of the XmlSerializable interface, a property bag feature to easily add new properties to nodes and links and many other enhancements. The minor update 2.1 includes substantial improvements in the serialization feature which is now faster and more flexible.

Program system requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2005


AddFlow for .NET

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